Seth Hammond

sethChoreographer and Co-Director of He [ART] Movement and assistant choreographer to Alvin Ramirez, Hammond has helped teach students all over the Midwest. Hammond began his training at the age of fourteen in hip-hop. Hammond now travels the Midwest teaching, assisting, and taking class from top named choreographers in the dance industry. Originally from Springfield, IL Hammond trained under some of the best in the Midwest such as, Miss Tracey Sims of TeamTurnOut. While training in Springfield Hammond took on a college course in dance and theatre where he was put to the test of other cultures of dance. After his minor studies in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, etc. Hammond then carried his studies north and trained under Sam Renzetti’s Xtreme Dance Force. During this time Hammond had competed with the best of the best while dancing in minor shows and even traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada for a Nationals competition taking first place with his team.

This past year Hammond auditioned for Madonna’s 2015 World Tour and even though he did not make the cut, he still continues with his modeling/dance career with the help of Lily’s Talent Agency. Hammond has been featured on the runway of the 2015 Sperry’s Fashion show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hammond has also turned to modeling to develop a better  nderstanding of other cultures of art where he can be seen in New Balance runway for fall clothing and even websites and catalogs such as Groupon and Home Depot.

After graduating from the competition world as a dancer, Hammond continues to assist Mr. Alvin Ramirez while furthering his training and teaching in the Midwest. Hammond plans to keep up his studies of dance and inspiring his students and mentoring them on life lessons along the way.