Sarah McDaniel

sarah-mcdanielSarah McDaniel comes to us from her hometown of Decatur, Illinois.  Her love of dance began at the age of 8 when she took her first ballet class and quickly became passionate about all forms of dance and taking on every class she could.  Sarah began her teaching career as a student teacher at the age of 14, which fostered her love of working with children and instilling the same love and appreciation for dance and music in her students.
Sarah now has over fifteen years of teaching experience from ages two through adult.  In the more recent years, she has become especially fond of working with pre-school aged children and watching them develop a genuine love for dance while learning about shapes, colors, counting, rhythm, body awareness, poise and self confidence through creative movement activities.  Teaching brings Sarah great joy, so after moving to the area and a break from her teaching career, she is thrilled to be back in the studio and pouring that joy into others!!